eMonster Solutions is a IT consulting company with the best reputation among Canada. We are aiming at creating customizing solutions to feed every single clients’ need as well as providing professional advice on eBusiness buildup and SEO solutions. We are the sophisticated company with the highest enthusiasm  to fit your need.


    APP development

    UI & UX design

    We provide user friendly UI design and create user stories for all requirements that help user perform efficient operations in APP.

    iOS & Android

    We are aiming at creating cross-platform APP that suitable for all users from all devices. We ensure there is no blocker on APP side.

    Organized workflow

    Waterfall and agile pattern are the most efficient workflows we adopted. We provide 100% customer satisfcation in all development cycles.

    Marketing strategy

    Social medias and Google search rank are the major marketing channels we are using. All digital marketing requirement can be efficiently handled by us.

    Testing report

    In each APP development, we provide a fully scaled APP testing report for both unit and integration test to ensure the security and functionality.

    APP maintenance

    We are confident to provide after-development APP maintenance to get rid of all security, efficiency and stability concerns from customers.

    Let us create your business APP