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    All-in-One POS terminal

    Checkpay All in One POS Hardware includes high definition touch screen register, build-in high speed receipt printer, robust and durable POS stand with multiple ports to support additional peripherals such as barcode scanner and payment terminal. Checkpay is as easy to use as it is to set up. No need to spend time on training, and no need to deal with long lines due to difficulty understanding the system. You’ll be ready to ring up sales and use Checkpay features right away.
    Powerful / Secure / Fast / User-friendly
    Available for your online store

    Our APP can replace your POS and Dashboard

    Checkpay APP is the advanced version of the integration of All-in-One POS terminal and back-end dashboard. It provides payment, refund, transaction details lookup and data analyze features with all in one solutions. With Checkpay APP, you do not need to spend time and extra cost on devices and consumables. You can even view all transactions in periods of time and do your business decision with only the APP on bed. Simply open your mobile phone and go top APP store, search Checkpay APP and download it. Then a brand new world starts now.

    Over Thousand Business Owners Trust Us

    The right point of sale systems for small business operations allow each merchant to track sales efficiently as well as tracking returning customers accurately. This minimizes the chances of you running out of idea on how the business is going on since your staff will always be updated on what you have sold and who you have sold to. There are more than 1000 merchants are using our solutions right now. The efficient settlement service that we provided also eliminate their cash flow concerns which help them grow business. Our expert development and maintenance team also put effort on all issues merchant may counter and always improve the stability of our solutions beyond your expectations.

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