eMonster Solutions is a IT consulting company with the best reputation among Canada. We are aiming at creating customizing solutions to feed every single clients’ need as well as providing professional advice on eBusiness buildup and SEO solutions. We are the sophisticated company with the highest enthusiasm  to fit your need.


    Museautosport web development

    Museautosport is our first customer having business in auto vehicle industry. The development is focused on the presentation of vehicles with images and videos. We finally decide to use the standard of online shopping to build the website. In this case, images and videos should...

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    Hennessylaser web development

    Hennessylaser was a new change for us. The entire website is an introduction of products and services in medical aesthetic field. The challenge we have is to create a human figure and apply multiple filters against it. We solved the challenge by adopting virtual human...

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    Hellochat web development

    This is a display and presentation website for Hellochat APP. The initial challenge is to balance the content of the site and APP page display at the same time. The goal for us is to attach customers from google search and related social media network...

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    Golfwow web development

    The initial concern of this website is a simple static website with some golf event albums on it to show customers with images and videos. However, the requirements changed a lot. The project extended from a simple static website to a complex online shopping and...

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    Front Glasses online shop

    "Glasses is a presentation of modern fashion and we are focusing on it" said by Cheryl, CEO of Front Glasses. The challenge for us is to design a website that perfectly fit Front Glasses product style and draw more attention from customers wth online shopping...

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    Maple Immigration poster design

    Maple Immigration poster design "A simple poster? Why come to us?" that is what we think initially. As the requirements explained by Terry Guo, we noticed that the thing is not that simple. The event they are trying to hold is called Startup-visa program, which requires candidates...

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    iKidz web development

    Each day, parents urged to treat their baby as the best ones among the world. A reliable early childhood education institution with high reputation is always coming in mind of those parents, iKidz. Here we go, kids. "We want to raise our facility from offline registration...

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