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    CMS System Design & Implementation

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    CMS System Design & Implementation

    Checkpay internal Content Management System (CMS), aims to manage and monitor the trading from its customers through different channel such as WeChat and Alipay as the third party gateway service provider across all devices.
    The purpose of the entire project is to build a user-friendly CMS system for Checkpay online and offline trading system and provide REST API support for clients to initialize their order management and monitoring.
    The interesting part is we separate the implementation into different projects due to the consideration of concurrency and security. Each project only take responsibility of its own work. Messages between each project is passed through API call and all the orders and trading are archived for future reference.
    The UI design is another fun story. At the very beginning we view the dashboard a simple and easy page implementation. As the time went by, each popup and single trigger causes new issues because in order to keep flexibility, we need to keep the UI as simple as possible, so all functions are hidden under small icons.
    Now, we have gladly released our product, which helps Checkpay on way of dominate the gateway market