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    iKidz web development

    Each day, parents urged to treat their baby as the best ones among the world. A reliable early childhood education institution with high reputation is always coming in mind of those parents, iKidz.
    Here we go, kids. “We want to raise our facility from offline registration to online website for early childhood education” that is what heard from CEO of iKidz Daniel.
    Our challenge was to position classes in its own category so it wasn’t perceived as other online training platforms. Sure you can buy online courses through Udemy or Coursera but it does so much more than that.
    We went through many iterations and visual treatments of the brand and landed on one that both teams are proud of. But we didn’t stop there. We built an online event album of the activities iKidz hold offline with unique stories, providing people with the exact information they need to know and what they will get through classes to inspire registration.
    As quality preferences change and evolve over time, iKidz’s features make it easy to register classes based on child characteristics, interests, and parent needs to find exactly what you want.




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