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    MRCpoker online shop & SEO

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    MRCpoker online shop & SEO

    MRC poker ltd is Canadian owned company located in Vancouver, BC which selling high quality poker chips set, poker table top, poker accessories, playing cards, as well as from basic to high end poker tables. Founded in 2005, MRCpoker is the only poker store with owned factory.
    Enter MRCpoker the whole goal is to re-design and re-build the entire website from its old version and improve google search ranking to attract more customers.
    In an effort to provide a clear and engaging introduction to both Casino and MRCpoker factory, they approached our team to design & build their marketing site.
    Our primary challenge was to explain a new and unconventional industry in a way that was universally understandable. This meant focusing heavily on the design pattern and the way we lead customers to find its own needs step by step in a comprehensive way.
    Another challenge is the messy of keywords in SEO implementation. We introduced the focusing words for each page and build the page around the corner to fit google search engine criteria on ranking.
    With our team focusing on clear type, focusing words implementation and a modern design, we created a simple and striking website to make the mysterious world of poker accessories clear and accessible




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