eMonster Solutions is a IT consulting company with the best reputation among Canada. We are aiming at creating customizing solutions to feed every single clients’ need as well as providing professional advice on eBusiness buildup and SEO solutions. We are the sophisticated company with the highest enthusiasm  to fit your need.


    Digital marketing

    Marketing Analytics

    We have sophisticated marketing analyzing team for each customer on their website/APP. We provide 100% the reliability of the effectiveness

    Content Marketing

    We have experienced writers and designers to market ads and posters. Customers only needs to give us a topic and we handle the rest.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    We provide efficient Google search SEO service with marketing experts to raise the reputation and popularity of your website in a single click.

    Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertisting

    We have strong background on paid advertisement on social media to ensure your website will be listed on the top rank in media search.

    Social Media Marketing(SMM)

    Regular posts and iteration with users are served with 100% care to attract users in social media and improve the popularity of your website.

    Email Marketing

    Email is the most adopted way to publish customers' news and events. We have a talent team to design and build the perfect email just for you.

    Let us help on your business’s digital marketing